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We are an global leadership consultancy, coaching and developing the leaders of some the world´s largest companies. Oxford Leadership helps authentic, socially conscious leaders navigate, perform and transform,  during turbulent times by aligning people, purpose and strategy.

About Marion

Marion is a Partner of Oxford Leadership. She maximizes the value-driven business performance of leaders as well as their teams. Through 20 years of industrial experience in IT, Marketing, Strategy and Service with the focus on customer centricity, Marion motivates individuals and teams to foster their personal responsibility and rapidly increases client capacity to work in a trustful, effective, sustainable and creative way. 

Marion works in German, English and French.


Her background in marketing, customer service and human resources in executive-level operations, translate into a clear understanding of a leader’s business challenges and their organisation’s need for substantial growth.

Marion’s empathetic style and her way in utilising her practical leadership experience, Marion enables senior client teams to achieve sustainably high performance in complex and challenging business situations. Her strengths are in blending strong human skills with deep experience and clarity to achieve lasting transformation. After challenging on the ‘why’, she provokes innovative und courageous thinking in leaders around the ‘what/how/when/where’ of strategic implementation. Her highly interactive and motivating style inspires a client’s capacity to achieve lasting transformation. 


Marion has a university degree in physics and then did her PhD in France.  She is a certified Coach (EMCC) and Business Mediator (university of Nancy, France) as well as very experienced in facilitation.

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